Dr. Andreas Nikolis MD PhD FRCSC

Having served in various roles throughout his training as a plastic surgeon, researcher, and speaker, Dr. Nikolis has extensive knowledge of the surgical and aesthetic disciplines. His extensive training includes General Surgery (McGill University, 1996–2000), Plastic Surgery (University of Montreal, 2000–2002), Craniofacial Surgery (Institute for Craniofacial and Reconstructive Surgery, Michigan, 2002–2003), and an MSc in Experimental Surgery (McGill University, 2001) are among the many specialties he has studied.

Dr. Nikolis has special expertise in clinical research (dermatology), aesthetic procedures, and technological advancements. He has multiple peer-reviewed journal publications, and he regularly participates in international conferences on clinical trials, mid-to-late phase research, and non-invasive devices.



Medication & Injectables

Certain medications can increase the risk of complications during injectable cosmetic procedures. Consulting with Dr. Nikolis before being treated is important, as some medications could increase the risk of bruising or developing other unwanted side effects. Some common medications that raise the risk include: • Aspirin: Aspirin can thin the blood and increase your risk…

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